Performance of the commonly used JZ
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At present sinking winch has many kinds of types.Although the effect is similar,but the concrete applicable scope has strict regulations.To introduce the characteristics and application of sinking winch,I hope it can be helpful to everyone's choice.
  The winch was designed according to the work characteristics of the suspension device shaft excavation.Speed two speed,In more than 50% load cases, use the slow work,In less than 50% available two speed.
JZ series of sinking winch with lifting capacity, capacity of the justice, balanced running etc..
Mainly used in hanging plate, water pump, air, compressed air cylinder, grouting pipe excavating equipment and tension rope stabilizing during shaft excavation engineering suspension in coal, metal ores, non metal mine shaft,it can also be used for other underground and ground lifting heavy objects,
  JZ series of sinking winch technical performance:

The series of the winch of stereotypes products, compact structure, light weight, safe and reliable for use. Welcome new and old customers come to buy.