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 With the joyful atmosphere of the New Year, portable multifunctional hydraulic clamp are glorious become the highest selling products of this month! It’s necessary forcible entry tool for fire brigade, traffic police team, industrial and mining enterprises and other emergency department.

  Product introduction of portable multifunctional hydraulic clamp:

  This product set manual pump, oil tank, and tools as one ,with a variety of functions such as shear, isolation, expansion clamp. In the rescue work,it can quickly complete a series of rescue work such as expansion, stretching, crushing, extrusion, shear and uplift. The products in full compliance with the GB/T17906-1999 standard. The working head can rotate 360 degrees in any space angle and it convenient operation. The main parts of the cylinder are using the the space high strength lightweight alloy. Shear expansion function, strong independent, suitable for one-man operation. The system chooses the imports of seal, aircraft hydraulic oils.It can be used in  the environment of -30 ~ 55 , also can be used in underwater.

  Technical parameters of portable multifunctional hydraulic clamp: