Development and Prospect of rock dr
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 " Hammer drill " is what many people originally used in rock 
 " Hammer drill " is what many people originally used in rock  drilling, and rock that deep hard degree have to make people invented a new device to replace the traditional and laborious equipment. So in 1887,people created the first light pneumatic rock drill, in 1938 ,they invented air leg and tungsten carbide drill bit.
  At present, the drilling machine has been widely used in highway, railway, mining and defense construction, become the essential mechanical in the underground engineering, mining, highway tunnel, railway tunnel, tunnel construction. But with the rock drill technology matures, products in continuous improvement, specifications and varieties in the unceasing increase, the use scope is expanding. Our drill varieties has reached more than 20: pneumatic hydraulic rock drill rock drill, hand drill, electric drill, etc..
     Although China started late research on the rock drill, but because our country's demand is big, so its development is very rapid, models of drilling machine in our country is so many, but the formation of stable production products is less, the great mass of them the introduct foreign technology and imitate foreign products,through years of production, performance and quality of products stable in current. China pneumatic rock drill products mainly for Nanjing engineering machinery factory YGZ90 and Tianshui Pneumatic Machinery Co., Ltd. YG80
  In recent years,with the continuous improvement of science and technology, the development of drilling machine in China has also been considerable development. One is the trend of automatic ,two is the trend of environmental protection, three is the tend to be large and small, four is the trend of diversification. With the continuous improvement of design, Coupled with the strengthen  of maintenance,  it expected to achieve that price surpass the imported equipment, and completely replace imported, then gradually realize the batch export.