Mining machinery and the coal indust
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With the rise of the coal industry in the national scope, mining m

With the rise of the coal industry in the national scope, mining machinery industry digging up such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain. The coal industry is a huge potential industry, because of its wide application, the other  reason is its richness of reserves, it has changed the traditional energy structure in China, now it has become the main energy in China, it is also the indispensable material basis for national economic and social development.

The development of an industry often driven multi industry like the butterfly effect, development of mining machinery industry is driven by the coal industry. Generally speaking, degree of the use of national development of a mineral resources, marks the strength of a country's industrial base and industrial technology level, while the development of mineral resources, mainly through the use of mining machinery. Therefore mine machinery has a particularly important role in the development of the national economy.

Reviewing the development of mining machinery industry in China,before the reform and opening, we mainly rely on our own efforts to develop domestic equipment;after the reform and opening up, we rely on the combination  of "introduction, digestion, absorption and independent research" and the development of domestic equipment made a big achievement. In twenty-first Century the mankind entered the information era. Great changes of information technology in computer technology and network communication technology as the representative of will bring the product design concepts and design methods, will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the research and development of mining machinery.
As a whole, quality of Chinese mining machinery products are lower, poor reliability, the average life expectancy for 1/3foreign product, therefore, to change the status of mining machinery industry fundamentally, revitalize the
 mining machinery industry in our country, it is the only way of innovation: first, it must establish the independent basis; second ,we must take brand as the foundation; third,we should take the scientific research as the guide;four,it should supported by new technology and must adhere to the direction of sustainable development. Only in this way Chinese mining machinery industry serve better service for our country's coal industry, and better adapt to the rapid changes of the new century and the fierce competition.