AE101A oxygen filling pump
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AE101A oxygen filling pump
AE101A oxygen filling pump designed for small hyperbaric oxygen oxygen bottle filling equipment. Oxygen from the gas source to the small bottle filling step and the volume of oxygen bottle, to reach the desired pressure value also applies to nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other non-flammable gas filling.

AE101A oxygen filling pump

AE101A oxygen filling pump designed for small hyperbaric oxygen oxygen bottle filling equipment. Oxygen from the gas source to the small bottle filling step and the volume of oxygen bottle, to reach the desired pressure value also applies to nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other non-flammable gas filling.

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Oxygen filling pump action: Oxygen filling pump designed for small high-pressure oxygen oxygen bottle filling equipment. Oxygen from the gas source to the small bottle filling step and the volume of oxygen bottle, to reach the desired pressure value also applies to nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other non-flammable gas filling.


Model                 AE101A  
Three phase motor             220V/380V 
Air filling pressure            20MPa     
Suction under the condition of displacement  5L/min   
Max. compression ratio             4          
Compress level             1 level compress   
Outer Diamention            860×565×640mm
Quality    Quantity             116kg

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