Rectagular Steel Tube
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Rectagular Steel Tube
Rectagular Steel Tube is a kind of hollow rectangular strip steel, also known as flat tube, square tube or flat Fang Bian pipe as the name implies moment. Rectagular Steel Tube have two modes of cold rolled and hot rolled. Torque tube hot rolling is made up of the process of hot rolling steel strip.

Rectagular Steel Tube Product Introduction

Rectagular Steel Tube is a kind of hollow rectangular strip steel, also known as flat tube, square tube or flat Fang Bian pipe as the name implies moment.

Rectagular Steel Tube have two modes of cold rolled and hot rolled.Torque tube hot rolling is made up of the process of hot rolling steel strip rolled place torque tube (4) principle.Cold drawn or cold rolled precision torque tube, cold rolling torque tube is used in the mechanical structure, hydraulic equipment of high dimensional accuracy and surface finish good cold drawn or cold rolled precision torque tube.

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