YBK2 Series Three-phase Asynchronous Motor
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YBK2 Series Three-phase Asynchronous Motor
YBK2 Series Three-phase Asynchronous Motor is design of the coal mine tunnelling face special motor.Stand by steel plate welding, adopt measures to strengthen the wind hood, junction box, insulation structure, electrical properties, the size of the installation, and YB2 motor rated power and so on in the same way..This series of explosion-proof performance conforms to the motor standard by GB3836.2-2000.

YBK2 Series Three-phase Asynchronous Motor Product Introduction

YBK2 Series Three-phase Asynchronous Motor is design of the coal mine tunnelling face special motor.Stand by steel plate welding, adopt measures to strengthen the wind hood, junction box, insulation structure, electrical properties, the size of the installation, and YB2 motor rated power and so on in the same way..This series of explosion-proof performance conforms to the motor standard by GB3836.22000.

YBK2 Series Three-phase Asynchronous Motor Parameters

1.Voltage rating380V660V380660V6601140V

2.Rated frequency50Hz

3.Protection grade IP55

4.Cooling way IC411

5.Work system S1

6.Insulation gradeF

7.Installing form IMB3IMB5IMB35 etc.