Tube Monitoring System
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Tube Monitoring System
Tube Monitoring System are mainly ACF,single tube,beam tube,shunt box, air extracting pump,gas sampling control cabinet, control computer, beam tube dedicated chromatograph, print output device, system software and other components. System is under computer control, the air pump from the ground into underground gas chromatograph, chromatographic detection results, analyzed by the computer, the entire process is under the control of the microcomputer, high degree of automation.

Tube Monitoring System Introduction

JSG8 The mine fire tube monitoring system are mainly ACF,single tube,beam tube,shunt box, air extracting pump,gas sampling control cabinet, control computer, beam tube dedicated chromatograph, print output device, system software and other components. System is under computer control, the air pump from the ground into underground gas chromatograph, chromatographic detection results, analyzed by the computer, the entire process is under the control of the microcomputer, high degree of automation. Can achieve 24-hour continuous online testing and analysis, all analytical data can be retained. So that staff re-use of data. 

Tube Monitoring System Feature

1Tube negative pressure sampling, chromatographic analysis, no electrochemical sensor.

2Spontaneous combustion fire prevention function, based on testing data trend analysis timely and accurately predict the degree of spontaneous combustion.

3The system automaticallycontrols 24 houronline monitoringto achieve unattended.

4Output the function is all ready.produce normal analysis, tube analysis, trend analysis report and trend diagram of 11 kinds of graphs.

5With content of gas overrun automatic alarm function..

6Unlimited number database record,Analysis of historical data..

Tube Monitoring System Parameters

1Tube monitoring :160 ways

2Analysis data:A sample analysis times≤15min.

3The number of database records:Unlimited.

4Tube from distance:30Km..

5Detection of gas composition and scopeO2025%, N2: O98%, C02 CH4 : O100%, COC2H4C2H6C2H2 O5000ppm.

6Minimum detectable concentrationFID≤05ppmTCD≤10ppm.

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