Vibrating Screen
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Vibrating Screen
Vibrating screen is to use the vibrator excitation generated by the complex type spiral vibration and work. Stator rotating hammer on that plane whirl vibration sieve surface, while the rotating hammer make cone rotary vibration sieve surface, the effect of the combined complex type rotary vibration sieve surface.

Vibrating Screen Principle

Vibrating screen is to use the vibrator excitation generated by the complex type spiral vibration and work. Stator rotating hammer on that plane whirl vibration sieve surface, while the rotating hammer make cone rotary vibration sieve surface, the effect of the combined complex type rotary vibration sieve surface

Vibrating Screen Feature

1.Continuous ProductionAutomatic classification screening.
2.Closed architectureNo dust overflow scattered.
3.Low noise .
4.Start quicklystop very smooth.
5.Small volumeeasy for installationOperation and maintenance is convenient.
6.High utilization rate of screenNot easy to see the eyeChange the screen easily.

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